Folding Arm Barrier Gate (Arm Length 4m ; Speed 3s)

This Folding Arm Barrier Gate support 90˚ folding arm to accommodate low height ceiling such as basement parking and multi-level parking and standard 3 sec speed opening to be more affordable for site with medium traffic. The new BlueSpeed motor technology reduce maintenance cost. New NLS positioning and dual spring engine to achieve smoother motion.

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Folding Arm Parking Barrier Gate

This Folding Arm Barrier Gate has modern gray concept that effectively increases the premium prestigious impression of guard house entrance. Modern gray color can easily match with any colour on car park ticketing machine.


Are you looking for a folding arm parking barrier gate to integrate with your car park ticketing system and suit your premium guard house lifestyle design but out of the budget to buy imported European brand?

You don’t really want to spend “big” money to purchase a high-performance European barrier for the sake of its outlook. You also worried about the spare parts as it might take 2-3 months to import from European country despite expensive shipping cost. You looked for lower cost alternative from other “no-brand” supplier but you are not confident about their product quality and backup service. You suddenly realized that making the purchase decision for barrier gate does not seem as easy as it looks.

Our Folding Arm Barrier Gate can solve your problem. It has new modern gray design looks good and it lower speed 3 sec engine is optimized to be very affordable for the site that requires medium traffic flow. Internal motor and gear is fabricated using new improved alloy formula so that the Barrier Gate can work harder and work longer during peak office hours.

Following are some new technology highlight for the mentioned Barrier Gate.

malaysia barrier-parking-gate-system

MAG barrier spare parts are available from our local factory at an affordable price. Good spare parts availability is important to ensure your folding barrier gate is up and running in the shortest time possible in the event of the breakdown.

This new design of the Folding Arm Barrier Gate is well balanced between performance, stability and affordability. We do not want to design the best barrier gate in the world that is too high cost to buy. We do not want to design a super low-cost barrier gate that always breaks down and require high maintenance. Our design has always been “good enough” for target industrial, commercial and residential application. Our design philosophy is for you to pay for what you need thus making our barrier gate more affordable to fit into your limited budget.


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