Intercom System (One To One)

This Commax door phone security system package in Malaysia consists of 1 unit DR-2K (as door unit) and 1 unit DP-2S (as room unit). Door unit is typically installed near the door. Room unit is typically installed inside a secured room.Commax intensive R&D and quality control has made Commax a global top brand delivering exceptional good quality product to over 100 countries worldwide. Commax is the brand of confidence indoor phone and intercom equipment.

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How to use:

Visitor press button on door unit to ring room unit inside. Tenant pick up handset on room unit and talk to visitor. Upon confirming visitor identity, just press the button on room unit to open door. Volume can be adjusted using a knob on room unit.



> Gentle chime sound

> Can be combined with door opener

> Easily mounted on wall & desk


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