Rechargeable Torchlight

This Rechargeable Torchlight has super capacity and ultra brightness with fashionable and elegant appearance. Choosing this product for your Home / Company will make your work and life more convenient and comfortable.




Product Characteristics :-

> The built-in capacity of lithium battery in this product reaches up to 6000mAH. Lithium battery does not have memory effect, so it can be used repeatedly for over 1000 times.

> Using aluminium plate – 5W light sources, long life, high brightness LED bulb.

> Two shifts to adjust strong and low light. LED bulbs with low energy consumption, long time, low light can last for 30 hours, strong light can last for 15 hours.


Instruction :-

> Charging the portable lights pull the AC power cord to open the back cover, insert the plug of such power supply cord into AC 100v – 240v / 50Hz – 60Hz socket, and here a related indicator is lighted. A full charge process needs 12 hours to complete.

> Pushing the switch key upward when uses it, the first class is weak light and the second class is powerful light.


No Warranty , Minimum Order 10 units.


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